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About Us

This year, Spill Station is celebrating 34 years of providing environment, health and safety solutions to government and industry in Australia and around the world.

As the regulatory environment has transformed over the last 34 years, so too has the business environment. Time has shown the links between health, safety and environment to be indivisible. In many companies, this understanding has led to the consolidation of various disciplines into the one role of environment, health and safety.

“The easiest way to understand the link is to take the example of a chemical spill. On ground or near a waterway it is and environmental hazard. If that same substance is splashed onto a walkway or into an operators face it becomes a health and safety issue. Regardless of how you categorise it, rapid response is critical. Our challenge has been to create cost effective solutions to this range of problems.”

Starting with the original focus on environmental issues, the range of products supplied by Spill Station has also evolved to reflect the dangers that chemical spills pose to human health. This expanded offering is typified by the comprehensive range of safety showers and eyewash equipment designed to work in all climates and even where mains water supply is unavailable or overheated. “Because of the quality of design and manufacture of our safety shower and eyewash range, we have won contracts to supply major projects including Macedon, Gorgon, Wheatstone  and Gladstone LNG projects. This quality also translates to the rapid growth we have experienced in exports to Asia and the Middle East.”

In addition to their wide array of chemical storage products and spill response kits for all workplace environments, Spill Station also provide complete spill kit training programmes and equipment maintenance solutions to ensure you are ready to respond to any spill emergency.

“We are proud of the contribution we have made to protecting Australians and our environment over the last 34 years and we are looking forward to exporting the Australian know-how around the world”

“Spill Station's ability to constantly evolve and grow our range of solutions has maintained our position as market leader in this dynamic marketplace and we are looking forward to continuing our contribution in the years to come.”