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Chemical Spill Kits

Chemical Spill Kits

These chemical spill kits are ideal to use where a wider variety of substances are used. The fully synthetic contents of these spill kits offer broadband chemical suitablity across most chemicals.

The chemical spill kits are composed of equipment designed to safety and quickly contain and absorb chemical spills.Contaminated waste bags made from chemical resistant polyethylene allow for the safe holding of used absorbents prior to disposal.

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BioHazard Spill Kit
The Department of Health Guidelines require that body fluid spill are cleaned up properly to avoid i..
Ex Tax: $31.82
205 Litre Chemical Spill Kit
The size of the spill kit you choose should be based on the the contents of your largest container. ..
Ex Tax: $575.45
120 Litre Chemical Spill Kit
The 120L chemical spill kit is ideal for use in areas where drums of up to 60 litres are used and st..
Ex Tax: $339.00
50 Litre Chemical Spill Kit
This compact chemical spill kit is suitable for dealing with spills of various chemicals including a..
Ex Tax: $160.00
20 Litre Chemical Spill Kit
Because it is so lightweight and compact, this 20 litre chemical spill kit is perfect for vehicle ap..
Ex Tax: $110.00